Angular Jobs Affiliates affiliates earn commission by referring employers. Membership gives approved employers access to search candidates and post jobs. 
Sticky Cookies utilizes sticky cookies. This means that if a customer purchases a product from you using an affiliate link, and then purchases a different product, later on, the same affiliate (who referred the customer originally) will earn a commission for the second purchase if that product is commissionable.
Special Offers
Affiliates improve results with high-converting special offers. These include access to one-time deep discounts for new customers and other limited-time opportunities.
Membership Special-offer
  • 70% commission
  •  $5+ per sale
Additional Services
  •  30% Commission
  •  $10-300 per sale
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Commission Structure

Employer Membership

70% Commission

First Job Post

30% Commission

Special Offers

30% Commission

Affiliate Referrals

5% Commission by Jobsi, Inc - Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved